Welcome to Las Vegas Gigolo, and congratulations. Why, "Congratulations"? Because checking out our site means you're thinking of doing something special for yourself, and you deserve it.
Whether you're working on degree, building a career, raising kids, or maybe all three, the demands in 2010 just leave precious little time for yourself. Gone are the days of quaint Las Vegas courtship rituals that assured your grandma a choice of eager suitors at every important social occasion. So whether it's a high-school reunion, a company picnic, a great concert, or your own birthday fast approaching, you may find yourself in a situation that would have not too long ago been unthinkable - a hot catch without a Las Vegas date!
Well, Las Vegas Gigolo doesn't have the answer. Las Vegas Gigolo is the answer. Although there are aspects of relationships Las Vegas Gigolo does not provide, we can and will save you from one more dreadful night of those awkward questions you get when you show up alone. Instead, you'll dine, you'll dance, you'll hop clubs, and all the while you'll be the center of attention for the right reasons. How can we accomplish this? By providing you access to our internet-based network of impeccably groomed, gorgeous and engaging companions, available to accompany you on a platonic basis to virtually any appropriate location or event you wish. Should the situation require, or should you desire additional tier of luxury, we can simplify your life and treat you like a celebrity all in one shot with one of our Night on the Town packages of limousine services, dinner reservations, theater tickets, and any accoutrements of your choice.
In short, when you're ready to give yourself a break from all the pressure, obligations and explanations, and give yourself the gift of being treated like you're the most important person in the room, call us. Because turning ordinary days into extraordinary memories is our Las Vegas Gigolo

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